Consultants Article This article discusses the value of consultants, how they are used by Clients and how Consultants own behaviour affects their value. It considers how their engagement can be changed to add value and it also looks at how Consultants usefulness should be measured.
Contracting for Change This article looks at how contracts should anticipate change and the importance of getting it right. It offers some simple guidelines to follow.
Sourcing Contract Negotiation This article discusses the negotiation of sourcing and service contracts. It discusses negotiating for sustainability now and in the future and that the focus of negotiation is not just about price.
Entrepreneurship Presentation This presentation presents the views of the author and some of his friends and acquaintances on what to look for to succeed as an entrepreneur.
Offshoring article This article discusses Offshoring for an advantage and that just offshoring for labour arbitrage is not enough. It also looks at why and when to globally source.