Considering outsourcing

Insourcing or outsourcing?

I will help you decide on the best approach for each area of your business, to look at restructuring, turning your current internal function into a service centre, combining several functions into a shared service centre; or looking for an external service provider or partner organisation.

Optimising before outsourcing

It is important to create the best service you can prior to transferring to an external service provider. Through comparison with best practice, what is the optimum for your business can be realised.

Managing insource plan

I will help you ensure that the creating an insourced business delivers a best practice, optimised and cost effective service.
Sourcing the right supplier

Providing an independent view

As a completely independent practitioner, I will work with you to ensure you engage with the correct supplier(s) for your business needs.

Structuring commercials

I will work with you to create a commercial engagement that satisfies your business needs, is optimised to deliver best value and at the same time creates a sustainable relationship.

Delivering a cost effective contract

I will work with you, to ensure you have a contract that delivers value for money: the right scope, the right service levels and the right price.
Leveraging existing supplier

Improving relationships

I will help you get the best from your supplier in terms of deliverables, price and governance.

Renegotiating commercials

I will help you renegotiate an existing contract/relationship to deliver better value, while ensuring its long term sustainability.

Mediating a win-win environment

Disputes can, and do, arise. I will work with both sides to achieve a result which resolves the outstanding issues and builds a basis for the future.
Ending the supplier relationship

Creating a controlled exit

I will help you ensure that the end of a relationship is managed so that it is achieved with no disruption and no risk.

Ensuring service continuity

At the end of a relationship, the service must continue to be delivered to meet the business need, with no interruption or reduction in quality.

Minimising cost

Changing supplier, or moving a service in-house can be both expensive and the costs be difficult to control. I will help you manage and reduce exit costs.